Roaming Design works across various areas of visual communication. It traverses seamlessly between and often combines print, web, animation, video and much more. Led by communication designer Pradeep Patil; Roaming Design collaborates with experts from diverse backgrounds like art, design, history, science, performing arts, archaeology, textiles and crafts.

While meandering through the colourful paths of communication design, we occasionally indulge our wanderlust. On one such journey to a remote and significant site of the Indus Valley Civilization an ancient seal came to our notice; the ‘three headed bovine’ as Indologists have dubbed it. In it, we saw not three but ONE head… in motion! The very first animation attempts of the people of this sub-continent. This seal and its variants found across many of the Indus sites have inspired our logo. It reminds us that nothing is new; it has all been done before. Humbly recognising this fact and reinventing is the key.


Pradeep Patil began his career when the world around him was moving from traditional hand-made analog methods to digital ones. He combines the best of both eras and from his academic training at Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts(JJIAA), Mumbai and National Institute of Design(NID), Ahmedabad. His interests in Indian aesthetics, movement arts, animal care, permaculture and free and open source software(FOSS) enrich his practice as a communication designer and educator.

Pradeep executes commercial projects under the banner of Roaming Design and is an associate director of International Print Exchange Programme(IPEP) India. He has been serving as a adjunct and visiting faculty, jury member, curriculum advisor with various art and design institutes. Among other award winning works, he independently attempted incorporating Indian aesthetics into animation on the project ‘In Divine Interest‘.