IPEP India @10

With 2022 One World, International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) India completed a decade of portfolios and an unprecedented 100+ exhibitions globally, while also inspiring some artists to start their own mini-exchanges. An exhibition, a symposium and online interactive sessions marked the celebrations of this barter. RD worked on a 360° campaign reflecting a variety of perspectives and helped plan everything from pixels to spaces.

da(r)shak started as a simple pitch for a regular exhibition but ended up being part of 2023 Bihar Museum’s Biennale. 320+ prints from around the world with infographics occupy the Temporary Gallery’s the 6200+ sq ft space, allaying all concerns about their modest 1x1ft frames.

India’s first ever international symposium For the Love of Printmaking dedicated to the art. The online event brought thoughts from 11 COUNTRIES penned down in 17 PAPERS by 22 SPEAKERS related to Printmaking theory, criticism and practice. A global audience of about 40-50 held on to their devices for four hours each day.

Candid chats on Printeract kept the momentum going while the team worked for months for the bigger events. The hope is to continue to build a repository of shared joys and sorrows, challenges and opportunities of this underdog of the art world.