Storyboards, Previz

Pot of gold

Excerpts from a storyboard for a film based on Warli tribe folklore and painting style.

Project: ‘Tales of Tribes’ series
Producer: Weat-Highland animation company(WHA), Scotland
Direction: Kaladhar, Delhi

Sale Abuse

The mannequins are as tired as humans would be, they are working over-time due to the sale! Reference sketches to make stiff mannequins more human through poses and gestures for live photo-shoot.

Client: Pink Moon, Kuwait
Agency: impact-Echo, Kuwait


A Software and User Interface Design project. This is an excerpt from the storyboard that illustrates the product’s functionality.

Project: Shweta Verma, NID

Rural Education

Illustrations for a project on rural education. A little girl from a village school in India finds an old, dirty foot ruler. It magically comes to life when she tries to clean it and takes on the role of a teacher giving her practical lessons as she plays and helps with the house-work.