Dastkar Andhra

Dastkar Andhra and DAMA revamped their identity and online store with us. Whitecrow pitched in with their expertise in multilingual branding. 400+ handloom weavers under 20 co-operatives and groups across 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana share this common identity.

An enquiry for a website redesign, turned into a lively discussion on the future of DAMA and Dastkar Andhra, especially in the post-Covid economy.

Focus shifted from projecting DastkarAndhra.org to DastkarAndhra.com. Considering the acronym DAMA’s popularity, the brand name for the store in Hyderabad dāram (Dastkar Andhra Retail Agency) took a backseat and da-cotton-handlooms.in was phased out. Profiles were rewritten and logos refreshed/ redesigned. Products were re-categorised, re-SKU-ed, re-shot. WordPress + Woocommerce topped as a proven, scalable, flexible, affordable, long term, mobile-first e-commerce solution.