IPEP India

Where other similar initiatives stop at print portfolios, IPEP India has managed exchanges of exhibitions and even studios while also inspiring other artists to start their own mini-exchanges; all based on pure barter. Nearing 100+ shows within 10 years with 340+ participants from 49+ countries are numbers that will hold on for a long time!

Roaming Design is proud to be associated with International Print Exchange Programme, India; managing every aspect of its branding and communications worldwide.

Beyond the identity of the programme, it gives us kicks to come up with typographic interpretations of the annual themes. It is quiet a challenge to keep world’s leading stakeholders steeped in aesthetics happy.

IPEP India’s core idea of a portable exhibition within a 13x13x5inch box that includes everything from prints to labels keeps art out of closets.

Glimpses from the many exhibitions, workshops, presentations, interactions, from the modest to the flamboyant…

Go on to IPEP India @10 to read about the programme’s tenth year celebrations.