In Divine Interest

In Divine Interest, where, for God’s sake if not for mankind’s; we question numerous misinterpreted Indian mores and traditions. Roaming Design’s award winning pet project bringing together Indian aesthetics and animation design, traditional arts-crafts and open source software.

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[  ]< International Competition, Animation, Mumbai International Film Festival(MIFF) 2014.
[  ]< Honored as an Inspiring Animation Inde at Arena Orbit Live 2014, for impactful communication through original Indian content.
[  ]< Best of 2012 ASIFA India, 4th Golden Kuker Sofia, Bulgaria, May 2013
[  ]< Panorama, Best of 2012 ASIFA India, Anim’est, Bulgaria, May 2013
[  ]< Part of the presentation “Indian animation today” at Anima, Brussels, February 2013.
[  ]< 8th ViBGYOR International Film Festival, Thrissur, Kerela, February 2013
[  ]< Official entry, Children’s India, 8th International Children’s Film Festival, Bengaluru, January 2013
[  ]< Presentation of iDi as case study by the director as a Key Speaker,“Animation & Gaming: A creative Paradigm” organised by Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Gujarat, iNDEXTb, FICCI, Ahmedabad, December 2012.
[  ]< Winner of ASIFA India‘s, Best Professional Animated Short Film Award 2012.
[  ]< Official selection, 6th Ayodhya Film Festival, December 2012.
[  ]<  IDI films are part of “Lessons in the dark” programme run by World Kids Foundation, reaching out to more than a lakh school children in Mumbai and Delhi, 2012.
[  ]< IDI project presented at “Quiet ones!”, Chitrakatha 2011National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.